Raguan™’s Sos Pedas Bijan/Hot Sesame Sauce

It’s a sauce, it’s a salad dressing, it’s a marinade; it’s Raguan™’s Sos Pedas Bijan/Hot Sesame Sauce!

A truly versatile, multi-purpose condiment for your food dishes, Raguan’s Sos Pedas Bijan’s combination of sweet, sour, hot and nutty flavors is perfect for Malaysia’s varied and exciting multi-cultural cuisines.

Sos Pedas Bijan can be used as a dipping sauce for such varied dishes as Nasi Ayam, fried Wantans and Spring Rolls, Cucur Udang, the ever popular Keropok, and even fried chicken. It is arguably the only true Malay salad dressing, being our family’s preferred dressing for the Malay salad served with Nasi Minyak at “kenduris” and weddings. Chili sauce, normally used to dress Malay salads would never even be considered by our family. Do you love grilled dishes? Use Sos Pedas Bijan as a marinade and get exciting grilled chicken wings, prawns and squid.

Need an alternative chili sauce for Yong Tau Foo and Chinese Steamboat? Just add desired amount of Raguan’s Sos Pedas Bijan to black bean paste or Hoisin sauce; a twist of lime juice and voila! Raguan’s adaptation is a worthy adversary to the Chinese version.

Mamak restaurants’ Mee Goreng leans towards salty and spicy flavours. Add a dash of Sos Pedas Bijan to balance out the flavors for a more enjoyable dish.

Sos Pedas Bijan-a