Does eating spicy food lead to longer life?

An intriguing question, don’t you think so? According to an article published on Aug 4, 2015 by Harvard School Of Public Health, “People who eat spicy foods nearly every day have a 14% chance of living longer than those who consume spicy foods less than once a week, according to a new study. Regular spicy food eaters also are less likely to die from cancer and heart and respiratory diseases than those who eat spicy foods infrequently.” The large-scale study found that people who had more spicy food – generally in the form of chili peppers – more than once a week had a reduced overall risk of death over the seven-year study period.

Chili peppers,
Chili peppers,

Fresh chili peppers are high in vitamins C, A, K, B6, and potassium. The active ingredient in chili peppers, capsaicin, has been linked to a number of biological benefits in earlier studies. Capsaicin and other bio-active ingredients in chili peppers have been found in previous studies to have anti-obesity, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and anticancer properties.

Malay cuisine uses a lot of chili peppers (fresh and dried) in dishes such as Rendang, Assam Pedas and fresh and cooked sambals. The Minangkabau people of Sumatra, Indonesia, take this affinity one step higher; raw bird chili peppers are eaten daily with meals!

Bird chili,
Bird chili,

There you have it. Chili peppers are good for you and Raguan™ is happy to provide you with six delicious items: Sos Pedas Bijan/Hot Sesame Sauce,  Sambal Goreng Cili/Fried Chili Sambal, Rendang Daging/Beef Rendang, Rendang Panggang/Roast Beef Rendang, Rendang Ayam/Chicken Rendang and Sambal Goreng Cili Daging/Fried Chili Sambal With Beef for your indulgence. Long live chili!

Raguan™'s Sos Pedas Bijan/Hot Sesame Sauce
Raguan™’s Sos Pedas Bijan/Hot Sesame Sauce
Raguan™’s Sambal Goreng Cili/Fried Chili Sambal
Raguan™’s Sambal Goreng Cili/Fried Chili Sambal

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