Raguan® – A Brief History

We are a wholly-owned Bumiputera company located in Selangor, Malaysia,  involved in the production of premium ready-to-eat Malaysian cuisine. We are currently focusing our efforts on the production of ready-to-eat Malay cuisine with the introduction of six items as follows:

  1. Sos Pedas Bijan/Hot Sesame Sauce
  2. Sambal Goreng Cili/Fried Chili Sambal
  3. Sambal Goreng Cili Daging/Fried Chili Sambal With Beef
  4. Rendang Daging/Beef Rendang
  5. Rendang Panggang/Roast Beef Rendang
  6. Rendang Ayam/Chicken Rendang

Our products are made using quality ingredients and innovative, modern culinary processes. As we refrain from using artificial preservatives, we have chosen the most natural and cleanest method of food preservation: freezing.

Artwork by Nisyah Raguan
Artwork by Nisyah Raguan

In order to maintain product quality and flavor, our products are blast frozen; an advanced freezing process employed by large food producers, hotels and fine restaurants, before being vacuum packed.

Irinox Blast Freezer
Irinox Blast Freezer

Another of our goals is to change the current perception towards frozen food: food that are of low quality, not so tasty but easy to consume. We use Australian/New Zealand Beef for our Rendang and Sambal and have embarked on attaining food safety and Halal certifications from the relevant authorities. Our Rendang Panggang is slow cooked in the latest low temperature oven to produce roast beef of the finest quality. As previously mentioned, we want to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.